Town of St. Albans, VT

How do I apply or obtain?

This page is meant to help you find where your need to go, or who you need to contact with any questions about obtaining a permit or license from the Town of St. Albans.  If you have questions about where to find information about policies and procedures in the town please check out our Find/Learn About page by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a burn permit?
To obtain a burn permit, please call Town Hall at: 802-524-7589.  Dial ext. 112 or email: or Burn permits will only be issued with the Fire Chiefs’ permission and will not be issued if weather conditions are unfavorable or the Chief deems it otherwise unsafe to burn. It is STRONGLY encouraged to obtain burn permits during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm. You MUST obtain verbal or email approval for a burn permit. Leaving a message on voicemail is NOT acceptable. Burn permits may be issued up to 2 days in advance. Burn permits are FREE.
How do I get a marriage license, copy of a birth certificate, or death certificate?
Contact the Town Clerk’s office at: 802-524-2415. Certified copies are $10.00 a piece.
civil_marriage_application 7.1.2016
Can I register my vehicle at the town office?
No, you can’t renew or register your vehicle at the town offices.  However, you can visit the mobile DMV at 27 Fisher Pond Road.  For more information, visit the DMV website at
How do I register my dog?
Contact the Town Clerk’s Office at: 802-524-2415.
How much is it to register a dog?
Non-Altered :  $14.00          after 4/1   $18.00
Neutered :  $ 10.00               after 4/1   $12.00
Late fees are $2 for neutered and $4 for non-altered.

Special Licensing is required for breeding & operating a kennel.

LATE FEES WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANY DOGS LICENSED AFTER APRIL 1st. Please remember to bring your pet’s rabies vaccination & certificate of neutering when licensing your dog.
Apply for a building permit?
Building permits are listed in the Zoning Department under Zoning Forms.  You can also click this link to take you there. 
When do I need a permit?

Any structure which is larger than 100 sq. ft. requires a permit from the Zoning Department click here.

How do I report a violation?
Call 802-524-7589 or fill out a complaint form.
How do I obtain a Certificate of Compliance?

Complete the appropriate application signatures of all persons on the deed must be notarized and submitted to the Zoning Department with the $25 fee.

Applications: Certificate of Compliance Application, or the Certificate of Compliance Update