Town of St. Albans, VT

The Town of St. Albans was Chartered on August 17, 1763 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth as part of the New Hampshire grants.  It operates with a “Manager” form of government.  A five member elected Selectboard is the governing legislative body for the Town of St. Albans, and they appoint the Town Manager, who serves as the chief executive and administrative officer for the Town.  There are three members elected for a three-year term and two members elected for a two-year term on a staggered basis.  

Selectboard Members

Jonathan Giroux, Chair – Term Expires 2023

Phone:  802-527-0306

Bryan DesLauriers, Vice Chair – Term Expires 2024
Phone:  802-309-0690

Brendan Deso  - Term Expires 2023

Phone:  802-393-7074

Jack Brigham - Term Expires 2024
Phone:  802-752-7169

Jeff Sanders - Term Expires 2025
Ph:  802-309-1315