Town of St. Albans, VT

Public Works

Every resident of, and visitor to, the Town of St. Albans relies on the services of our Public Works Department in some form each day.  Our team of eight employees, works daily to maintain our town’s infrastructure, including 53.5 miles of town roads, our municipal buildings, parks, sidewalks and trails. 

Our responsibilities also include:

  • Design and construction of public infrastructure projects
  • Capital and development projects
  • Planning and design of road construction and improvements
  • Inspection of public infrastructure for adherence to plans and specifications
  • Excess Weight Permitting
  • Local highway access permitting

Your ideas and feedback are always welcome.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service to you. 

Contact Us:
Public Works Main Office

David Allerton
Director of Public Works

John Montage
Parks & Facilities Supervisor

Forms and Applications: