Town of St. Albans, VT


The St. Albans Town Fire Department was founded in 1975 in response to the rising cost of purchasing fire protection from another township. At the time of founding, a significant sum of state grant money was available for the formation of the department.

The department was comprised of 24 volunteer members, under the direction of Chief Roy Parah Sr. All members completed fire training through the state of Vermont. The 24 members were also responsible for converting and preparing the apparatus that was to be used for the Town's fire supression. The department purchased new a 1975 Maxim 1500 gpm pumper, and a 1975 GMC 4x4 mini-pumper. The department also put in service a 1969 Ford tanker, and a 1958 GMC tanker.

The St. Albans Town Firefighter's Association was also initiated at the same time. The primary function of this group was to raise money for future equipment expenditures that the department may encounter. This association consisted of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and members of the fire department.

In response to several motor vehicle accidents from 1977 -1980 in St. Albans and it's surrounding communities in which patients were entrapped for an extended period of time, the St. Albans Town Fire Department decided to form a Heavy Rescue division. In 1980, the department spent over $10,000 for the purchase of Jaws of Life hydraulic rescue tools, training, and the conversion of the 1975 mini-pumper into Rescue 6. In 2011, the Converted mini-pumper Rescue 6, or better known more recently as 5 Rescue 1 was retired, and replaced by a 2011 International by E1. This vehicle is much larger, and provides greater support to firefighters on emergency scenes.

In 1984, a mutual aid call to another community prompted the St. Albans Town Fire Department to investigate the proposition of a portable air cascade system. The department decided to spend $6,900 to purchase a portable air cascade system that could refill SCBA air bottles on fire scenes. This piece of equipment was made available through the mutual aid system to the neighboring communities.

The St. Albans Town Fire Department founded another division in 1990. The Water Rescue division was founded in response to distress calls and emergencies on Lake Champlain. A 1985 Bayliner boat was purchased to serve as the Water Rescue division's primary response apparatus on Lake Champlain.

Today, the St. Albans Town Fire Department is much larger, having many more vehicles, and almost twice as many members.