Town of St. Albans, VT

A request for an E911 number

In order to get an E911 number for your property

You will need:

  • a curb cut approval (from Town of Saint Albans or State of Vermont)
  • a firm location (curb cut in place, culvert, stake in the ground, etc.

We usually don’t assign a 911 # to vacant parcels (they are often moved/re-located)
-except for established mobile home park sites, some public utility structures, agricultural buildings as requested, and firmly defined sub-division locations

E911 Coordinator goes out to the location:
  1. verify existing approved curb cut/driveway location
  2. capture a GPS coordinate
  3. measure distance(s) from the beginning of the road (or the adjacent existing driveways)
  4. determine probable number assignment (based on actual distance measurement)
  5. send request to State E911 Board (Tyler Hermanson) for review & approval before number(s) added to the state E911 maps and system
  6. Wait for confirmation/approval
  7. Issue formal letter of assignment/approval to the property owner

If there is a newly named road, see the Street Name Application process and Town Ordinance.  There is a Street Name Application that we ask be filled out with the requested private road name. It is to our advantage to have the requested new names reviewed by the State because they cast a wider net for potential conflicts – similar sounding or same names in adjacent towns that have a high likelihood of causing confusion for first responders.

***New road naming approval needs to be in-hand before any E911 numbering assignment can be issued.***

The entire process shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks start to finish.  New road naming and the approval process of the road name will often take longer than just assigning an E911 number.

Also, feel free to read the Town's Street Addressing Ordinance and the 911 Addressing Standards Packet.

Click here to visit the E911 online map.