Town of St. Albans, VT

With the winter driving season upon us, the Department of Public Works would like to provide the following friendly reminders about the winter plowing season and snow removal:

  1. Please be aware that plow trucks will be out working diligently during winter weather. It is important to keep the right of way clear at all times for trucks to effectively plow.
  2. During a snow storm, plow trucks will have the ROW.  Please give the trucks plenty of room when driving by them.
  3. Objects in the right of way are to be removed immediately to avoid unintentional damage. These items include vehicles, fences, flower pots/beds, recycling & refuse containers, landscaping, trees, lawns, mailboxes, basketball hoops, boats, etc.
  4. Residential mailboxes should be kept in good repair, with their doors closed.
  5. Motor vehicles should not be parked on streets. This impedes traffic which will interfere with the removal of snow and ice and also delay emergency vehicles and services.
  6. The Town's Municipal Code, Chapter 6, Regulation of Vehicles, Traffic & Roadway, states the following:  "Winter Parking.  No person, during the period from November 1st of every year to April 20th of the following year, shall park any vehicle within the limits of any public street of the Town where the parking of such vehicle interferes with the Town's ability to plow, and/or remove ice and snow from the roadway."
  7. Shoveling, snow blowing, or plowing of snow into or a across a road or the ROW is prohibited. The snow could freeze and cause damage to plow trucks and other vehicles, making it difficult to clear roads when needed.  This is prohibited per State Statute, 23 VSA § 1126A.

The Town of Saint Albans Department of Public Works wishes everyone a safe and joyful winter season. Please contact the Department of Public Works with any questions at 802-527-0739.   

Thank you.