Town of St. Albans, VT

St. Albans Town is partnering with the local Rotary Club and Wood4Good, a fire wood bank currently operating in only Chittenden County.

 The town is seeking an area partner(s) to deliver wood from a St. Albans Town location to families in need within Franklin county VT. We ideally need a driver with a 1 ton truck that can haul and dump about 1.5 cords of wood at a time.  Our estimated time commitment would ask the donated delivery driver to be available for 1- 3 days. 

Wood4Good is a Chittenden County Wood Bank committed to reducing heat insecurity for families in our state. We value our community and the people who live here, and are committed to helping as many people as possible stay warm in the cold winter months.

"Wood4Good is a VT Wood bank that is expanding to serve St. Albans and surrounding towns. We will help you if you are disadvantaged, lost work, suffering from an injury, or are disabled. We also want to help veterans.  We want to offer your family 1 cord of delivered and seasoned firewood.

Supply is extremely limited for this year. Please reply asap so we can help you We are posting this for the Wood4Good team, please email them at

Please include ALL 6 of the following in that email;
1.  Full Name
2.  Address
3.  Phone
4.  Email

5.  Any Special requirements on wood size
6   Why is your family in need?