This Board is a standing committee of 5 citizens, 1 Selectboard member, the St. Albans Police Chief and the Town Manager.  This Board will meet the 4th Monday of the month to consult and report on policing complaints in the Town of St Albans.  The Board will report to the Selectboard on any issues or proposed recommendations as needed.

Current Board Members
Mark Leclair
Al Voegele
Stan Dukas, Selectboard Member
Town Manager, Carrie Johnson
St. Albans Police Chief, Gary Taylor

Police Dept. Citizens Advisory Board Signed Resolution 4.16.2012
Annual Crime Comparisons FY 2013 -2014
FY2014 Stats Charts

Meeting Minutes
Mtg. Mins. 12.19.16
Mtg. Mins. 10.17.16
Mtg. Mins. 9.19.16
Mtg. Mins. 8.15.16
Mtg. Mins. 7.18.16
Mtg. Mins. 6.20.16
Mtg. Mins. 5.16.16
Mtg. Mins. 4.25.16
Mtg. Mins. 2.22.16

Mtg. Mins. 11.23.2015
Mtg. Mins. 9.28.2015
Mtg. Mins. 4.27.2015
Mtg. Mins. 3.23.2015
Mtg. Mins. 2.23.2015
Mtg. Mins. 1.26.2015